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It is rare that we get to experience love at first sight, but JORD packaging is here to prove us wrong. Each watch is delicately packaged to perfection, showing us just how loved we are. It is almost too beautiful to open, but the thought of having it anywhere other than adorning your wrist would be wrong. 


As moms, we don’t always feel beautiful. In fact, we often find ourselves with 3 day old shampoo in our hair, yesterday’s leggings, and our only meal the leftover lunch from our toddler. It is comforting to find something to rely on to get us through our day, and the JORD watch is exactly it. From managerial meetings to charity fundraisers, play dates to doctor appointments, preschool pick-up to PTA events, there is always a pending appointment. Nothing keeps moms on track more than a beautiful wrist decoration that functions as our sanity. 

In addition to the beauty of the watch, this functionality of this timeless piece is beyond words. 


Just as each of our children has a unique and delicate approach to life, JORD accessories have unique characteristics and qualities. From the fleck of the woodgrain, to the color of the face, each piece has a timeless quality that is personable to your liking.

JORD watches are PERFECTLY sized for you. They make fabulous gift ideas for moms, dads, grandparents, or that special aunt or uncle in your life.  Additionally, they could be memorable retirement gifts, or the perfect present for your favorite college grad. 

Each wooden watch is made from the finest raw material, and created by artists, designers, marketers, and minders. Their focus is on creating a perfect watch, and enjoying the journey that comes from the process. 


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Photo Credits: All photographs were taken by Mojitos & Munchkins for this campaign.