Staying healthy nowadays can be quite a challenge, whether by chance or by choice. It’s a
constant battle between a maintaining your low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie diet or indulging on a
cheat day or two. Lifestyle choices don’t make it easy, too. Vices such as alcohol and cigarette
smoking, or having a sedentary lifestyle and being practically bound to the couch – these are
only a few examples of how to go against staying healthy.

On the other hand, maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires a lot of self-discipline and
determination. The first encouragement should always be: To live a healthy and long life. You have to
stay healthy to enjoy a better life full of years of happiness. Here are every light exercises that you can do to get you started.

1. Bent-Over Row

The Bent-Over Row exercise is a simple routine that mainly targets the muscles in the back
area. It’s a good form of workout that does not require any equipment and can be performed
anytime of the day. Start by standing straight and with the legs at shoulder-length apart. Flex the
hips and bend the knees while keeping the back straight up. Make a fist of both hands as if
holding a dumbbell. Tilt the body towards the ground while flexing the elbows back up. Pause in
this position for a second and then go back to the main position. Do this for 10 flexes each set.

2. The Bicycle

The Bicycle exercise is quite common and you have probably seen this one in workout gyms
and exercise shows. This exercise targets the upper body and core muscles and is quite simple
to do with no equipment requirement. Start by curling up both legs and position both hands at
the back of the head. Move both legs in the way one would move a bicycle. Do this with counts
of 10 each set.

3. Pilates Push-Up

The Pilates Push-Up exercise targets the arm and leg muscles. This is done by first positioning
yourself in a push up position, only the hands are under your shoulders supporting your weight.
Keep the back straight and face the ground. Lift first the right leg for about 6 inches from the
ground and pause in this position for about five seconds. Bring back the right leg to the ground
and proceed with the same routine on the left leg.

4. Crunches

Crunches is possibly the most common and widely performed exercise routine at home. This is
also known as the abdominal crunch and it mainly targets the abdominal and core muscles.
Crunches can be done in two ways. One, you can lay flat on the floor and position your hands at
the back of your head. Start raising your head, neck, shoulders and then the back side while
gathering strength from your abdomen. Another way to do it is by lying on your back and with
the legs bent, lift the same areas until the abdominal area.

5. Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps is a little like jumping jack, because it requires a lot of body movement, including
the jumping part. Start in the squat position and gather pressure on the leg area to push off your
jump. Jump up with your arms up and go back to the squat position, then repeat the same
routine for about 10 jumps each set.

6. Squats

Squats is another common exercise routine that is simple to remember. This is also widely used
because it targets many of the muscle groups of the body and is an excellent calorie burning
routine. To learn how to do squats, practice with a chair by sitting down and getting up. With the
body position of that routine, remove the chair and follow through with the routine.

7. Lunges

The Lunges exercise routine works on the same muscles as with the squats but also adds the
leg muscles. Start by standing straight and hands on the hips. Step the right foot and flex the
knees forward in a 90 degree angle while keeping the back straight. Go back to the original
position and do the same with the left leg.

Exercise plays a big part in a healthy lifestyle. Check out these Health Hacks to Help your Families Health for more inspiration!

Exercise has always been a go-to practice if you want to be healthy. Couple it with a healthy
diet and you can be fit and strong for a long time. Eating healthy and having an exercise routine
is also one effective way to boost your metabolism, which in turn ensures that your stomach and
other prominent organs function well.

Joshua is a writer who loves to write an article on health and fitness. He is always involved in
fitness. He believes health is wealth, to stay healthy  and boost your metabolism, we need to have a superfoods along with detox drinks!