I had the honor of reviewing a fellow mom’s newly published book – Choose Healthy Live Happy: Take Your Family From Sick and Surviving to Healthy and Thriving – and I couldn’t put it down. For those of you who know my Mojitos & Munchkins family personally, you know that “Sick and surviving” is the perfect way to describe our clan over the past several years. We came to accept it for what it was and used the excuses of “we have young kids in daycare, so…..” and “everyone else is sick too, it’s just the season,” before we realized it was within our power to do SOMETHING. While we started the journey to health and wellness on our own, I couldn’t be happier that we have new arsenal to help us continue.

Choose Healthy Live Happy is a quick read that you won’t want to pause from reading. Stefani is highly relatable in her experiences and I instantly felt a connection to her story. Her book is a reminder that we are each in charge of our choices. Health & Happiness is a mere thought away, if only we choose to make that a priority.  I like how the author gave her own background story to explain how she got to the place where she felt she needed to make a change. By using a balance of informative facts, personal experiences and straight up common sense, Stefanie spells out the formula that you need to choose healthy and live happy. The gut-brain section of the book was absolutely fascinating to me and a wealth of new information. I really enjoyed this book and would whole heartedly recommend it to others.

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