HA!  I am laughing just thinking about this book!  I am only 2 days into my new audio book tape, Bossypants by Tina Fey, but I am LOVING it!  Tina Fey is one awesomely funny woman… I’ve barely noticed the snow-covered windshield and polar vortex-y weather conditions as I travel my morning commute with this great read!

Her writing prowess shows intelligence, feminist power, humility, and HILARIOUS antics!!  From what I have heard thus far, I highly suggest this book!!


 Updated on 02.14.2014 
I URGE you to get your own copy!  Everyone RUN to your nearest Barnes & Noble, or digitally download it to your reading device.  You will be wiser, kinder, and more delightful to be around as a result of reading this book. Tina Fey discusses intimate stories from her reign on SNL, tells about her struggles as an improv actor in Chicago, gives you a glimpse into her life as a mom (but her successes and her insecurities), and drops an F-bomb or two in all the right places.

A great – and quick – read that will leave you laughing out loud!