In addition to the princess beads I find on the floor and the random superheroes scattered across the shelves, I find it both humorous and painful to browse through the selections in my closet. It is almost like a museum bearing witness to the hodgepodge of collected clothing that I have acquired through the years. I smile with optimism of my “nice” section of post-wedding/pre-baby options, especially those night-out options.  Though not trashy, they definitely show some skin and scream “I AM YOUNG.”  We will call this the “you never know maybe I will be a MILF one day” section of my closet.  It’s laughable at best, but if plastic surgery prices go down and my vanity goes up, anything could happen!

We then go to my “cute” maternity clothes.  Yes, I keep them in my closet year-round.  After being blessed to have babies at somewhat regular intervals over the past six years, I figure there’s no point in packaging them back up into a tote at this point.  In fact, I still wear some….. Merely out of respect for our finances and in an effort to be efficient with the cost of clothing, of course 🙂
I point out the cute maternity clothes because that first pregnancy was great!  I had the tiny basketball under my belly, the cute little beach ball.  It grew at the proper size, in increments that authors talk about in the What to Expect When You’re Expecting books.  Fast forward to subsequent pregnancies and things got a little more, well, jiggly.  The goal was no longer to wear the tights maternity wear to show off the growing bulge…. It was more about lose, bulky & baggy…. Everywhere.
Aside from the clothing options themselves, can I discuss the organization (or perhaps disarray in a better describing word) for a moment?  I remember when I used to have things sorted by season and color.  Now it’s either HANGING in the closet, LAYING on the floor, or SPRAWLED in front of the doors which are apparently too difficult to close these days.