We are swimming in too much stuff. Too many toys, too many crayons, too many kitchen gadgets, too many towels. Just too much. My husband and I often feel like we are drowning in stuff. Our first clue was that we often feel like we need to clean and organize on weekends, at the expense of spending time with our three children. Eh. According to all of the minimalistic writing I run into each day on fellow bloggers’ sites and social media, I feel like I’m not alone in this feeling. Can anyone relate? 

In the hustle and bustle, TAKE TIME to see life around you.

From Planner to “Liver”

After months of decluttering successes and mindful thinking, my journey has brought me here: To a craving for intentional living and spending more time IN the moment and less in the PLANNING for the momentWhile I used to be proud of my organizational and planning skills, I now feel like I’m drowning in that too. A need for perfection and lists, organization and planning… But what was it all for? Life has taught me that planning isn’t always the answer. Despite the best laid intentions, life does not always comply. Rain pours even when the forecast predicts sunny skies. Kids get sick on the days where you worked so hard to get the logistics right, and you’re slammed back to plan B (which you didn’t plan for). Cancer creeps in the back door. Can anyone relate? 

In a fast paced life, TAKE TIME to enjoy those around you.

Why You Are Here… And What Brought ME Here

I joined up with several others on a 31 Day Writing Challenge to challenge myself to WRITE. I will be documenting that challenge here. Ideas in my brain are easy to come by, but putting pencil to paper {or in this case, fingers to keyboard} is more difficult. There are a hundred distractions throughout the day, a million excuses, and a billion reasons why not to sit down and make this a priority. This month, I am switching my focus to the reasons why I should say yes. Yes to slowing down. Yes to being mindful. Yes to living with intention. I have thought about this for quite sometime, but making time to actually DO SOMETHING is the challenging part. Can anyone relate?

In a world of hurry, TAKE TIME to be the smile in someone’s day.

My Goals During My 31 Days of Intentional Living

To put it simply, my overall goal in the upcoming month is to put my money where my mouth is. To go beyond reading inspirational quotes and begin internalizing them; To actually slow down and not continue promising to do so “some day.” Over the next month, I hope to grow and change, to breathe and see, to appreciate and love. Can anyone relate? 

In a world of instant gratification, TAKE TIME to wait.

Are you on a similar journey? Are you thinking about it? JOIN ME. Stop back often to see my daily progress, or check back periodically to hold me accountable. Either way, let me know you’re here! Drop me a comment or subscribe to my email list.