Are you looking for the perfect gift for the mother in your life? Give her Breakfast in Bed this Valentine’s Day. This simple gift is thoughtful, personal, economical, easy to come by, and can be adapted to fit your mom perfectly. Whether your mom likes her eggs scrambled, a plate of piping hot pancakes, oatmeal with fresh fruit, or a simple coffee and toast, you can personalize her breakfast to fit her personality. Bonus points that for once in her life, someone is catering to her. Trust me, this is a gift she will cherish.

Breakfast in Bed

Every mom loves to be cooked for and appreciated. If she says otherwise, she is simply playing hard to please. The secret to a successful breakfast in bed gift for mom is simple. Follow these three tips to make it an unforgettable experience for the mom who does so much for her family each and every day.

Follow these easy steps for an unforgettable breakfast in bed:

    • Plan ahead, which includes purchasing grocery items in advance (and not making mom go shopping for the items herself!)
    • If children are going to be a part of the cooking process, plan for child-friendly prep and clean-up options.
    • Ensure that all of her needs are met during breakfast in bed, and that means knowing the mom you’re serving. Will she be most comfortable with everyone jumping into bed with her so she can have that time WITH her family? If that is the case… STAY. Laugh and love on her, and remind her how lucky she is to be so loved. Does she love you dearly but dream about alone time with nothing but coffee and quiet? If that is the case… LEAVE and shut the door behind you. Take the kids to a different room and let her enjoy a few moments of peace.
    • CLEAN THE KITCHEN. I can’t stress this enough. You absolutely MUST, no exceptions made, clean the kitchen after you make mom breakfast in bed. There would be nothing worse than enjoying this special moment only to walk into an egg-infested, sticky mess of a kitchen with syrup on counters and dirty dishes piled to the ceiling. CLEAN!

Get Kids Involved Making Breakfast in Bed

ToddlersChildren at this age can easily wash fruit, gather napkins and silverware, pour measured ingredients, and stir.

Preschool AgeThe preschool age child loves to cook. They also love to make a mess, so keep them close by. Let them measure, pour, stir, mix, beat, and make decisions. Think: Should we use the red teddy bear shape, or the blue dinosaur for mommy? This is also a great age to help decorate and enhance the finished product. Let them add the blueberry eyes and the strawberry skirt. Let them help with plating the bacon and

Elementary AgeThis is the perfect age to make your sous chef shine. After the fresh fruit has been washed, give your child the safe tools – and confidence – to cut the fruit for plating. They are also perfectly capable of pancake flipping as long as supervision is given near the griddle.

You could include them in the upfront work of menu planning. Ask them ahead of time to help you plan for mom’s breakfast in bed, and involve them in the details. Assign them card making, sign making, arranging flowers, and folding the napkin just right. This age also loves to be a part of a good secret, but know your child. Although most elementary aged children love to be “in the know,” some simply cannot contain themselves by keeping their lips sealed.

TeenagersAnything you can do, they can do better. Right? Just ask them! After all, they are teenagers.  Challenge them to take the lead on this. If they can gracefully delegate tasks to younger siblings, follow their lead. Let them make executive decisions on plating and menu choices. Ask them to play the role of waiter/ waitress to safely deliver mom’s tray of food to her bed. The sky is the limit. As you know with teenagers, the more you can boost their ego by including their input, the more engaged they will be in the process.

The Perfect Pancakes for Breakfast in Bed

We found this great Pancake Art Kit from Whiskware and fell in love. This set has everything you need to make Valentine’s Day delicious, exciting, and fun.

Breakfast will be taken to an entirely new level with this kit. Using the patented mixing system of Whiskware Batter Mixer, creamy smooth batter is ready in mere seconds. The process is simple enough for spouses {and even kids} to master in no time. Add ingredients to the batter mixer, drop in the heavy-duty BlenderBall whisk, and shake your groove thang. Once shaken, pour directly on a hot, greased griddle to let the creativity begin. Each batter bottle has silicone tips for optimal control and melt resistant ease. You can even download the Whiskware Pancake Art App to browse fun video tutorials for everything from animals to robots to emojis. Fun!

At our house, the kids were most fascinated by writing their names with the pancake batter. They loved being a part of the process, and adored bringing mom breakfast in bed.

Get perfect pancakes in two easy steps: SHAKE + POUR

For the more visual, check out this video on the beauty of pancake art to see just how easy Whiskware products are to use. For us at Mojitos and Munchkins, any time you can enhance the deliciousness of a sweet pancake with the creativity of a child, it is an ultimate win.

After you’re done celebrating mom with breakfast in bed, don’t forget to reward the kids for their hard work. Customized pancakes with your name? Yes please. How fun is this? Look how easy it is to use the batter bottles to create personalized pancakes.

Whiskware is line of kitchen products that was designed to save time and encourage healthy, homemade eating by making simple – and fun – work of kitchen tasks, all while reducing mess. Whiskware is 100% loved and adored at our house.

For more information on Whiskware, connect with them on their Website | AmazonFacebook | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

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Photo Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins