A family road trip done right involves MANY nights in a vehicle and an abundance of stops along the way. Whether stops are planned or unplanned, there is guarantee to be fun along the way. On our recent trip that took us from Minnesota to Maine, we combined both plans stopped and spontaneous adventures to get the best of both worlds.

Family Road Trip Stops

Dr. Seuss Museum in Springfield, Massachusetts. The Dr. Seuss Museum was out of the world cool. Between three kids ages 2-8 and one elementary teacher mama, our day was made at the sight of The Lorax, Horton, and The Grinch. Visiting the outside sculpture garden was an absolute treat, and the bright colors of the museum’s inside were inviting and welcoming.

Boston, Massachusetts. Of all of the cities we’ve visited, Boston holds a special place in our hearts. Perhaps it was my introduction ( and subsequent love) of the Boston born boys of New Kids on the Block. Perhaps it is because we stock up on our Marriott Rewards points all year round to cash them in for stays at the beautiful Boston Marriott Long Wharf. Perhaps it is because there is something eclectic and brilliant, energizing and¬†¬†mesmerizing about the city itself. Whether we spend time walking by the breathtaking boats in the marina, stroll through town on the Old Towne Trolley system, or walk to Faneuil Hall Marketplace, our memories are happy ones!

Wahlburgers near Fenway Park, Boston. Did I mention my love for all things NKOTB? That also includes frequent visits to every Wahlburgers restaurant within a 50 mile radius of cities we visit. I was happy to add another location to our “visited and loved” check box as we made a pit stop near Fenway on Brookline Avenue for burgers and fries. Not only is this a restaurant adorned with Wahlburg beauty, but their food is outstanding, the atmosphere refreshing, and it’s family friendly! That is a must when traveling with kids.

Fenway Park, Boston. Are we Red Sox fans? Not necessarily. When you’re that close to a stadium however, you have to take it all in! We happened to be there on an off day so we weren’t met with the typical baseball crowd and business. Instead, we could leisurely stroll through the shops, peer into the emptied stadium, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the area.

The Boston Marriott Long Wharf.¬† This isn’t the first time that we cashed in our Marriott reward points for a stay at this luxurious hotel. And I’d love to say it won’t be our last! Every last amenity is honored, the rooms are beautiful, and the views…. Oh, the views! We were only there for two nights this time around, but it was time well spent. The kids loved lounging in the hotel room, and enjoying their first screen since leaving home 8 long days ago! They jumped on the beds, ate too much junk food, stayed up past their bed time, enjoyed swimming on the upper floors, and took in all the dessert trays that the VIP Concierge Lounge had to offer. We’ll be back soon, Marriott, we’ll be back!

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Picture and Video Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins