When my children were teething, it felt like an eternity of pain. This pain is felt by the child first and foremost, but also by us mommas. It hurts us to watch our littles hurt, especially when there is nothing we can do to take the pain away instantly. There are, however, some tricks and tips that can help alleviate pain and help our children be more comfortable when it comes to teething.

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Teething is no fun – For Kids or Parents


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Learning from Other Moms

I live in a community where moms get together often for play dates. We have children of the same age, and sometimes, that’s not as great as you may think. It is hard not to compare yourself to other mothers, and then compare your child to their children. However, there are some benefits to it. For instance, when you are desperate for help when your one year old is suffering in pain because she is teething.

One day while on a playdate, I could tell the other mothers knew there was something going on. They kept giving Charlotte “the eye.” You know, that eye that says, “Wow…. what is going on with her.” As much as I hated to see them making faces, I knew I would have made the same ones if it was someone else’s child. My kid was unruly. She wouldn’t quit screaming, whining, and nothing made her happy. It wasn’t exactly the best play date.

When I explained that it was teething, all the mothers chimed in with statements like:

“Oh yeah…. Taylor went through that and it was awful.”

“Jacob would bite my breasts every time I nursed him, and we didn’t sleep for weeks.”

“Jillian had a fever and wouldn’t eat. I thought there was something medically wrong with her.”

As good mother friends do, they made me feel much better. I had to know how they got through it though. Cindy said that she just loaded Taylor up with Tylenol and Motrin. Jessica said that Jacob did well with cold washcloths and teething rings. Paula said she used and still uses amber necklaces to help Jillian. I hadn’t heard much about amber necklaces before, so I asked how they worked.

Why Amber Beads for Teething?

Paula said that amber is made of fossilized tree resin. The resin has Succinic Acid in it, and this is a completely natural substance that helps treat a wide range of illnesses and ailments. She said that Europeans and Middle Easterners have been using it for centuries and still do. They use it to treat everything from colds, aches, pains, fevers, inflammation, and even arthritis. She went on to say that the amber beads heat up when they rest against the body, and this releases Succinic Acid onto the skin. The treatment oil then enters the bloodstream and gets to work. It helps with teething by reducing inflammation, fever, and pain. Paula said that Jillian started to feel better about three days after she started wearing the amber teething necklace.

I was intrigued with it, so I researched amber more when I got home. Amber is sourced all over the world, but the Baltic area has the most potent amber available. Lithuania is known for their amber, and it’s the best place to source the beads. As I was looking around the Internet, I found many mothers saying that the amber necklaces worked for their teething babies. I figured I might as well try it. After all, I was at my wit’s end.

Where to find Amber Teething Necklaces


I found a website called Baltic Wonder that sources their beads from Lithuania. They send a certificate of authenticity with each necklace as well. Within about four days, I had the amber teething necklace and placed it around Charlotte’s neck. I didn’t notice much difference at first, but on day four, I could tell Charlotte was much different. She wasn’t whining as much, she didn’t fuss, and she just acted much calmer. I kept using it for the rest of the week and by the time we had another playdate, Charlotte was back to her normal self. The other mothers noticed and asked how she was doing. I pointed out the necklace and Paula beamed. I told them about the research I found about getting the beads from Lithuania, and how I found a U.S. company that sourced them from there. I even brought the bag the necklace came in with the certification. Cindy and Jessica both said that they wanted to get their babies one because they wondered if it would work for their babies.
If you’re having trouble with teething and you’ve tried everything short of giving your baby Tylenol and Motrin continuously for days on end, consider Baltic amber teething necklaces. I am so glad I did, and will always be grateful for Paula for introducing me to it.

Jenn Sanders currently works as a marketing assistant at Baltic Wonder, a company that is dedicated to the health and well-being of infants. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and outdoor adventures. 

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