Tonight before bed, I casually walked into my childrens’ bathroom to pick the towel off of the floor, clean the toothpaste residue from the sink, and tidy up the small area that never seems to stay tidy.  Despite my lackluster approach to cleaning, I glanced over to see a crusty yellowed substance lining the back of the toilet, which sent me into an OCD-esque flurry of cleaning.  As I had just lysol wiped the area that morning after my son’s morning pee, I knew it hadn’t been there long.  But the quantity in which sat there on the back rim of the toilet not only DISGUSTED me, but made me question if he actually got any urine INSIDE the toilet.  How hard is it to put a minimal spray of liquid into a gigantic open pot??  With an area that large, you shouldn’t even need to aim??

Granted, I don’t have the plumbing necessary to qualify myself for the sport of toilet aiming, but it troubles me how complicated this seems to be.  Yes, we’ve tried the cheerio game (fun for two seconds max, and besides, I refuse to keep a bowl of cheerios on the back of the toilet for the next 14 years – In part because my 2 year old would climb to great lengths to eat them daily).  We’ve tried talking to him about the importance.  We’ve tried having him sit… Somehow this is worse, as the pee then dribbles down the front of the toilet AND his legs. We’ve tried teaching him about accountability and responsibility by forcing him to clean the area.  We’ve tried words of encouragement and words of anger.  Despite our attempts, I am still spending this night deep cleaning and scrubbing every inch of white in this bathroom…. In hopes that I can remove enough of this yellow crusty film to once again see the white.

Eh.  And now I need a shower.  GROSS.

A few other “funnies” to help me survive the pool of piss I swim in daily with a 4 year old….




Thanks to SomeECards for their knee-slapping potty humor.
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