What It Is::

The Cloud Hopper game is an engaging game of {cute} aliens and numbers. It is designed for 2-4 players and is perfect for kids that are practicing their subtraction skills. Players (or as is the case in this game — Aliens) must help their team find the Cyta flower while jumping through the clouds and lightening storms. How do they move you ask? By subtracting numbers on a die, of course! For more information, please check out this great MATH BOARD GAME.

In The Box::

The box includes: One cute game board, one 10-sided die, eight alien game pieces (2 aliens per planet), and one VERY well organized rulebook/ storybook.


The Mojitos & Munchkins family loved a lot of things about this game! It was fun, engaging, academic, challenging, and gave us an excuse to test out our teamwork skills. What more could we possibly ask for in a game? 

The game helps achieves math skills in four core areas: Subtraction, Addition, Counting Backwards, and Sequencing. In addition to teaching and reinforcing math skills, are the supremely important life skills. From planning your next move to showing flexibility, to practicing the all-mightly skill of patience, this was a mother’s dream. In addition, I saw a lot of teamwork in place of the competitiveness that usually thrives during family board games.  

My kids were fascinated by the 10-sided die. It was something different, and also exciting. Additionally, I loved that the game challenged their number sequencing and subtraction skills without them even knowing. They truly only felt like they were having fun and trying to move their aliens to the Cyta flower goal. 

Straight From Their Mouths::

When it comes to games, a parents’ point of view is only one side of the puzzle. It is equally (if not more?) important what the tiny humans think. We had all thumbs up from our players. 

I’m really good at math, so I liked that I got to practice it. I wanted my aliens to be the first ones to get to the flowers, but I also liked that I got to watch the other players move and could do their math problems in my head while they were thinking. It gave me even more practice!! – Brecken, 7 years old


I’m still learning all of my numbers, so I liked it when my brother helped me. Sometimes he just likes to win and that makes me sad to lose, but this time he helped me think! I like it when he helps me!” – Madiana, 5 years old

Your Turn::

This is a great addition to a family game closet, and also a wonderful choice for teachers that work with elementary aged students. Check out Cloud Hoppers on Amazon for your chance at combining FUN + LEARNING. 

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Mojitos & Munchkins received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and feedback are mine and my childrens’.